September 12, 2011

++ Carmelo Cortez is coming to New York


With thanks to my beautiful Christian sister, Elsye, I want to pass on this information regarding the upcoming visit of visionary Carmelo Cortez, to New York:

Since 1991, a young Filipino man, Carmelo Cortez, has had numerous experiences of the Madonna and is able to manifest detailed images of the Christ, Mary, and others onto rose petals. Healings have also been associated with these phenomena.
In June 1991, Cortez, age 21, was living in a squatters' area in San Francisco Del Monte in Quezon City. He was given a picture of the Madonna, which he placed on an altar. The following night he heard a soft voice and the sound of beautiful music. Cortez followed the voice and found it was emanating from the picture. The Madonna was shedding tears of blood and the baby Jesus in the altar appeared to be catching the tears with one hand. The picture was later placed on a church altar, and a relative of Cortez was healed of a fever.

Two days later, Cortez said he was again awakened by beautiful music, and the Madonna began giving him messages. Since that time, Cortez has seen and talked to the Madonna more than 100 times.

Other miracles have accompanied these manifestations. Columnist Christine Dayrit reported on one particular miracle which others have experienced as well - sacred images appearing on rose petals. "He [Cortez] took a flower from a vase of fresh white roses which we had brought. He then took the petals from the stalk by removing the sepal. One by one, Carmelo placed a petal on our shoulders as we said our prayers ... After a few moments, we were asked to take a look at the petals. To our astonishment, what were originally plain white rose petals had now on them the image of the crucified Christ." Others present "cried in exultation" as images of the Madonna, the Sacred Heart, Mother and Child, St Joseph and Child, St Francis of Assisi, and many others, appeared on their petals.

Many people have reported being healed of various ailments by Cortez. Says Cortez: "It is not I who heals you of whatever physical or emotional ailment you have. It is Jesus through the intercession of the Madonna. I am just an instrument." ( Source: Signs of Our Times, USA; reported in Share International, October 1996 )

Experience an evening you will never forget:
September 17, 2011, 7:00 PM
St. Thomas Church
50 Maguire Avenue (school address next to church)
Staten Island, NY 10309

Bring your own white roses on which the petals will be miraculously transformed into holy artworks! Please respect the request, however, that only one petal is for each attendee.

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