August 9, 2016

One or the other...

"My God, at this hour, 
close Your eyes to my want of merit 
and open them to Your infinite merits."
St. Gemma Galgani

These days, amazing -- but artificial -- video scenes can be manipulated through computer generated imagery or digital enhancement. So, we are wise to remain faithful -- but skeptical -- whenever we find a seemingly miraculous image on the Internet. 

Yet, a recent online video has gained an enthusiastic audience, while prompting cause for a deeper investigation. Reportedly, a statue of the crucified Christ opened its eyes in a chapel in Mexico's state of Coahuila de Zaragoza. This claim is supported by a video of the statue that shows a very life-like movement of the eyes during a church service.

According to the report, a coterie of more than 20 priests, sculptors, video editors and paranormal experts have examined the video. The article states that the experts "found no proof it had been doctored." 

View this video yourself, especially after the 30 second mark, and see what you think. Though cynics will dismiss even evidence seen with their own eyes, rational viewers will accept the conclusion that this video is either a hoax or a miracle.

The video can be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking the bottom right corner of the video box. (Please excuse if you find inappropriate advertising content, which is beyond our control.)

So, the investigation should continue, and if evidence of trickery develops, I am willing to call it a hoax. But for our friends on the other side of the debate, if no evidence of manipulation can be found, will you still doubt your own eyes?

Either it is a hoax or a miracle. There is no middle answer.

If this truly is a miracle, why have YOU been blessed to witness it?