August 14, 2017

Carmelo Cortez returns to New York

(Update: this event was in the past.)

We have received notice that Carmelo Cortez soon will be attending a healing Mass in New York, as
Carmelo Cortez at healing Mass in Staten Island, NY
described below.

In recent years this blog has reported on the amazing manifestations of God's love that are produced from this faithful man's mystical ministry. Those reports can be found  HERE, HERE, HERE, and, most importantly, HERE.

We should be ever-thoughtful, however, to avoid equating Carmelo's miraculous rose petals with the substance of magician's tricks. The reason for these wonderful transformations, as I humbly suspect, has less to do with the material world than the spiritual. Through Carmelo, God shows us that His love has no bounds. He is God of both the seen and unseen. And He is a God of surprises!

Transformed rose petal, showing the defeat of Lucifer
by St. Michael the Archangel
How blessed we are to witness the miraculous transformation of rose petals but, even more, the miraculous transformations of our hearts!

Verifying the correct time and place would be wise, but our information on the upcoming event is as follows:

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 
 at St. Christopher Roman Catholic Church 
 130 Midland Avenue 
 Staten Island NY 10306 
7:30 pm Mass
 followed by healing.