May 22, 2012

"We are all Catholics now."

I expect to die in bed.
My successor will die in prison,
and his successor will die a martyr
in the public square.
Eugene Francis Cardinal George

I am grateful that this blog draws an audience from around the world. It does so because the subjects covered are -- or, at least, should be -- of interest to every human being. So, even though this important video may appear to interest only Americans, I urge everyone to watch it.

Almost a quarter of America's population call themselves "Catholic." Yet, they often vote as if the doctrines of their faith do not matter. Consequently, the nation's largest abortion provider has quietly become a major recipient of taxpayer dollars, even when state laws prohibit it and the majority of Americans oppose it.

This time, however, the sleeping giant may be rising from his slumber. Over 40 Catholic organizations have filed religious liberty lawsuits against the Obama Administration's contraception mandates.

It is time for all Americans to join together in support of our traditional and constitutional protection of religious liberties. We cannot afford to let bureaucrats regulate away our religious freedoms. We must communicate, vote and -- most importantly -- live our Catholic faith.

As the following video makes clear, life issues are not negotiable. Consequently, new government health insurance mandates are not negotiable.

[Thanks to Rae and Pete for bringing these videos to my attention.]