September 15, 2011

+ Do not fear The Warning

Friends, Lyn and Vinny, forwarded to me an email regarding a European woman who claims to be communicating holy visions and who prefers to be known as Maria Divine Mercy. Her extensive messages, since November 9, 2010, appear to be very consistent with other prophecies regarding The Warning and Chastisement from God. However, her messages offer us words of comfort and encouragement. Some of those short excerpts are listed below. Much more detailed messages may be found at www.TheWarningSecondComing.com. She is reportedly submissive to the Magisterium of the Church but, of course, these are private revelations and your Spiritual discernment is recommended. [4/19/14 UPDATE: Statement of Archdiocese of Dublin on Alleged Visionary "Maria Diving Mercy" declares: "... these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology. These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations."

Reported words of Jesus Christ, September 7, 2011: "...tell My precious children that they must not be fearful of The Warning. Many will feel frightened and this is understandable. But they must listen carefully to Me. I will come to each of you. You will see Me and feel Me in your heart and soul. My presence will flood your souls with the purest of love and compassion so you should be joyful. At last you will see Me and your soul will be enveloped with love and excitement.

"For sinners and unbelievers most of them will simply be relieved that I exist. For their witness of My Holy Presence will be the blood that is needed to flood their souls with the nourishment missing for so long. Many will suffer the torment, as I endure, when they see their sins unroll before them. Heartbroken when they see how they have offended Me they will beg Me to forgive them....

"I await the time with so much love in My heart when I will pour out My Divine Mercy over each of you everywhere throughout the world. This is the moment when, afterwards, you will realize how fortunate you, of this generation, are. How can you not recognize the mercy that will be shown to mankind? In the past so many souls died in grievous sin. Now, all sinners will finally understand the truth at last.

"It is not easy for My children to acknowledge the existence of Me or My Eternal Father. Without proof of a material kind many do not want to get to know Me. Many have no interest or belief in the divine realm. This event will open their eyes to the simple fact that life does not end on earth. It continues for eternity. That is the reason why they must prepare their souls.

"The warning will show them what they must do to rectify this. Remember children I am your saviour. I love you all in a way that is beyond your comprehension. Await My arrival with love and calmness. Fear not the dramatic spectacle in the sky and the colour of the rays which will be spread everywhere to herald My arrival. This will prepare you for the moment.

"Please pray that all mankind will feel joy in their hearts, for this event will mean salvation for mankind on a magnitude that will save so many souls and enable them to enter the new paradise on earth."

July 20, 2011: "Time is short now. Everything is going to happen quickly. The Warning is close now so there is not much time left to pray for those poor souls who will be lost. By reciting My Divine Mercy dedicated to those particular souls many millions will be saved.

"You are now, My children, in the middle of what is called the Tribulation as foretold in My Holy Book. The second part, the Great Tribulation will commence as I have said before the end of 2012. This is not meant to instil fear in you My daughter but to make you aware of the urgency for My children to pray for My help....

"Watch now as the clusters of powerful groups try to outdo each other, cover up their own sins and hide the truth from those they fear in high places. Prayer, My children, is bringing this about. God, the Father is striking out now to punish these people before they can inflict the evil plan they are preparing to control My children.

"This is a painful time children for Satan’s influence has never been so powerful.... The hatred he stirs up for My Father has reached epidemic proportions. The most powerful form of hatred shown to My Father is for man to deny He exists.

"How you must feel the anguish children that you have to face in the world today. No man can ignore the deep disquieting unrest spurred by Satan and his millions of demons infiltrated throughout the world. My love will now be proven to you all. Through My warning I come once more to save you through the Mercy of God the Father. Believe in Me and My Eternal Father and you will have nothing to fear. Ignore what is happening and you will fail to prepare adequately."

May 31, 2011: "The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls. "Trust in Me. All will be well children. You are blessed to be given this wonderful gift of Revelation. The world will now seem to become quieter and somewhat strange in the coming months leading up to The Warning. For when it happens , spectacular though it will be visually in the sky so quiet will this mystical experience be that you will be more prepared for this silent encounter with your own conscience.

"Remember the more people that are forewarned of this event the more souls will be saved. Pray pray My Divine Mercy [Chaplet] for those souls who will die during The Warning. They need your prayers."

December 7, 2010: "No man will be denied the chance by Me to see the truth of God. They will be shown mercy by the gift of proof to be given to them that I exist. They will be given this gift when, during The Warning, they will finally know the truth. Sadly not all will turn, even at that stage, towards Me or My Father’s Eternal Kingdom.

"Please do not fear My daughter for I know that these events have made you sad because you are thinking of your children’s future. The Warning will change everything. But it will present a fork in the road. Mankind, when having been woken up to the truth of the existence of God will then, through his own free will chose one of two paths. The path of salvation. Or the path of damnation." 

August 10, 2011: "Fear of The Warning is not something I encourage. Pray now for your own and other souls through the act of redemption and before your face to face encounter with Me your beloved Saviour.

"I smile with joy and happiness when I think of the moment when this great Gift of My Mercy is revealed to My children. It is a homecoming the likes of which cannot be described. For this will be when your hearts will be filled with My divine love. Your souls will be enlightened finally in preparation for the New Paradise on earth. I will then bring you the comfort missing in your lives up to now when you will become in union with Me."

9/15/11 UPDATE ON ELENIN: Reports are that the orbiting object named Elenin has broken up, which is characteristic of icy comets as they near the Sun. Perhaps, its only purpose was to remind us of our Lord's words: "... keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour." (Matthew 25:13) On the other hand, quakes have hit, today, near Cuba, Japan and New Zealand. (See http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/15/magnitude-6-quakes-hit-off-cuba-japan-and-new-zealand/?hpt=hp_t2) Also, an unprecedented swarm of earthquakes, numbering up to 6,000 in total, have been rumbling under the Canary Islands. (See http://www.irishweatheronline.com/news/earth-science/geology/earthquake-geology/canary-islands-government-puzzled-by-el-hierro-earthquake-swarm/37752.html) It is hard to deny that very strange things are happening.