June 29, 2012

++ Carmelo Cortez returns to New York

Catholic mystic, Carmelo Cortez is returning to New York for a July 7, 2012 prayer service.

Previously, I described (HERE, HERE, and HERE) his ministry. Through him, with the intercession of the Virgin Mary, God offers the faithful amazing manifestations of His love. However, as the videos below show, these Christian miracles are performed almost casually, without the least bit of prideful showmanship. Perhaps that is what Blessed Mother appreciates about Carmelo: his humility.
In the first video, we see the informality of the process: participants bring their own white roses, they are asked to break off the petals and put them into bowls, fresh bottled water is opened and rosaries are submerged in it. The water immediately turns to oil with the scent of flowers. Then the oil is poured on the petals.

In the second video, Carmelo distributes the petals to the praying and singing participants.

In the third video, we see some of the immediate transformations of the rose petals. Now they have amazingly detailed images of Jesus Christ, Blessed Mother, saints and angels.

I am informed that Carmelo's prayer service is scheduled for 6 PM, at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 16 Poplar Ave., Staten Island, NY 10309 (Tel. # 718-356-0294). For visitors who may need overnight accommodations, my prayerful friend, Elsye, suggests you may want to stay at the nearby Bay Ridge Hotel at 546 73rd St.

As always, approval of private revelations and apparent miracles are subject to the competent investigations of the Magisterium of the Church and even if approved, they are not foundations of the faith. However, the apparently miraculous ministry of Carmelo Cortez may be one more proof that God acts in mysterious ways.