August 8, 2011

++ My favorite flower

Earlier, I posted reports on Carmelo Cortez's miraculous ministry. Drawing on the power of the Mass, with deep reverence for his Catholic faith and with little fanfare, Carmelo turns water into fragrant oil,dips severed white rose petals into the oil, offers a prayer and, within minutes, incredibly detailed Christian images appear on the rose petals. Sometimes, the petals even transform into Hosts.

This image is of my favorite from the 100, or so, miraculous petals that I have seen. It is of the Holy family and has been mounted between two sheets of acrylic so that it can be worn as a holy necklace. It was a gift to Ruth Werkowski, who I previously wrote about.

Incidentally, after my rosary was dipped into the oil, the crucifix and connector remained silver, but the links turned golden.