February 15, 2012

++ More pictures of Mary's Bleeding Heart

“The training and education of the great saints, 
who will appear towards the end of the world, 
is reserved for the Mother of God. 
These great saints will surpass in holiness the majority of the other saints 
like the cedar of Lebanon surpasses the lowly shrub.”
St. Louis de Montfort

Earlier, I reported the intriguing story of an apparently miraculous statue of a youthful Blessed Virgin Mary. It has belonged to Ruth Werkowski since her teenage years. 

One year, Ruth discovered that it might be starting to exude holy fragrant oil, known as myrrh, like what was reported HERE and HERE,. So she placed a cotton ball on the statue to collect any oil that might be wept while she went away for the summer. 

When she returned, the statue had not appeared to exude oil, but blood. In fact, the cotton now mysteriously resembles heart muscle.

Here are more pictures of the apparent miracle. 

Covered for the summer to protect from dust, it was
noticed, first, that the statue had exuded myrhh. Then
a more startling discovery: