August 23, 2011

+ Elenin-Earthquake Coincidences? Perhaps.

Recently, I reported on unsettling possibilities regarding an object named Elenin that is orbiting the Sun. It is said to be 16 times the size of Earth and will be positioned precisely between the Sun and our planet on September 26th.

If Elenin is an icy comet, as some claim, it should pass without incident. However, if it is a dark dwarf star, as others argue, the gravitational forces it will exert on our planet will be extreme. The catastrophic consequences, among others, will include massive earthquakes and tsunamis. In fact, the unforgettable quakes near Chile and Japan, over the past two years, each happened when there was distant alignment between Earth, the Sun and Elenin. This time, alignment will be much closer. (See: Orbit Visualization Tool and adjust for whatever date you wish to view.) At the present time, Elenin and the Sun are not aligned but nearly equidistant from Earth, at roughly twelve o'clock and ten o'clock on the dial. That means that their combined gravitational forces are affecting the Earth, generally from the same direction.

So, I found it interesting that, last night, Colorado experienced its strongest seismic activity in four decades. Now, as I write, I am listening to reports regarding an extraordinary earthquake that just hit the Washington DC area.

Coincidences? Perhaps.

8/27/11 UPDATE: SpiritDaily.com posted a link to someone who has estimated the statistical significance of major seismic activity coinciding with the alignment of the Sun, the Earth and Elenin. He points out that, "Four of the last four Sun-Earth-Elenin lineups have generated quakes of 7.0 or better, and the average magnitude of these quakes was 7.8." He goes on to run the numbers and demonstrates that this convergence of circumstances has a statistical probability of "0.0299% or, roughly three chances in ten thousand, or one chance in 3300." He concludes that the severity of these earthquakes adds even more credibility to a tragic scenario: "One was 8.8 and one was 9.0, so that makes the probability of this all being a mere coincidence that much more unlikely." His calculations appear to make sense. But whether this person is reasonable or a member of the lunatic fringe, I do not know. 
(See: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1610328/pg1)