December 21, 2011

+ More Medjugorje Miracles

Is there any doubt that the Great Healer is Jesus Christ? Absolutely not!

Is there any question that His Blessed Mother and the Communion of Saints assist in bringing us to Our Lord for healing, both physical and Spiritual? Certainly not!

Take, for examples, the beautiful stories that have been emerging from Medjugorje. In that small, rustic town of the former Yugoslavia, reports of apparitions, miracles, healings and conversions continue to amaze even the skeptics who seriously study the phenomena. At least 532 medical miracles have been carefully documented (not to mention the many more healings that have been claimed but not documented.)
Picture little Joshua de Nicolo who had been struggling to survive for most of his short life. A year ago, the two year old toddler had already endured scores of chemo and radiation treatments to battle his aggressive stage 4D cancer. Then, after a string of Providential nudges, the boy's parents decided to take him to Medjugorje.

From the day of their departure, they witnessed signs of progress. Then, after attending one of Mirjana Soldo's monthly public apparitions, he quickly improved. Soon, all of his 19 tumors and bone metastases had disappeared. Today, as THIS INSPIRING REPORT describes, sweet little Joshua is completely cured.

Or, imagine Silvia Busi's fear when, at just 16, the Italian girl's legs suddenly became paralyzed. For nine months, she was confined to a wheelchair. But then, attending an apparition with Ivan Dragicevic, her paralysis left as quickly as it had arrived. Her fascinating story, including more miracles and healing, is reported HERE.

Then there was 87 year old Domenico Mascheri who, for almost half his life, had managed his very limited hearing with the help of hearing aids. However, his disability struck even harder on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje where he found that he had plunged into a world of silence. Because he had lost the batteries he needed, Mascheri was completely deaf for two days.

Then at an outdoor Mass, the elderly Italian was given the gift that most of us take for granted: hearing. As described HERE, Mascheri proves that you are never too old for a miraculous healing.

Finally, for now, Mirjana was again instrumental in introducing a sick child to the Blessed Virgin Mary who always praises her Son's loving mercy. Ten year old Chiara Zoccante had developed a tumor on her pituitary gland. But after a 2006 apparition, the visionary told the family that the Virgin Mary had placed her hands on the girl. As reported HERE, the tumor was gone within a month.

Is there any doubt that the Great Healer is Jesus Christ?

NOTE: Many thanks to Jakob Marschner at MedjugorjeToday.TV who does a great job reporting on these amazing miracles.

UPDATE - May 9, 2012: For 11 years, a mysterious liquid has oozed from the bronze leg of Medjugorje's "Risen Christ" statue. Now, Jakob Marschner reports that the other leg is also oozing liquid.