October 31, 2011

The systematic, global persecution of Christians

[4/19/14 UPDATE: Statement of Archdiocese of Dublin on Alleged Visionary "Maria Diving Mercy" declares: "... these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology. These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations."]

"...many of you will no longer be in control of your own country. 
This includes all material control and the military. 
My children, their leaders, and all those with responsibility for caring for their people 
will lose all control. They will be like a boat with no rudder....
My children, you must pray hard now to loosen the grip 
these evil groups of people will exert over you. 
They are not of God's Kingdom and through the cunning deceit of their exterior, 
you will not realize that this is a powerful force that is careful not to reveal itself....
Rise up, My children, now."
Words of Jesus Christ
as reported by alleged visionary
Maria Divine Mercy
November 15, 2010

In 21 countries, today, almost no religious freedom exists and, increasingly, the world's Christians are targets of persecution. In fact, Christianity has become the world's most persecuted religion, according to a recent RomeReports.com video (shown above).

Earlier, I listed links to reports of radical Hindus in India who have attacked churches, beaten worshipers and burned Christians alive. Even the Sisters of Mother Teresa's former order now require police

It might be argued, however, that India is largely outside of America's sphere of influence. So, check this out: The U.S. State Department has concluded that the destruction or closing of every last Christian church and school in Afghanistan has occurred during the period in which American lives, limbs and treasure were being sacrificed for a brighter Afghan future. That's right. Under the watchful eye of the most powerful military the world has ever known, Christian religious freedom has been exterminated.

ACN News reports that in Egypt "Christians are being violently killed under the eyes of the international media... churches are being systematically burned and destroyed. The police are taking no action and nobody is punished for it. In the Egyptian media, the facts are systematically covered up...." One Coptic bishop laments that, "Christians are facing their worst times in recent centuries." In another Egyptian report, a student was murdered because he refused to take off his Crucifix, as ordered by his Muslim teacher.

So, why does our government pretend it is blissfully ignorant of the global plague of Christian persecution? Why have we been so dismissive of the plight of moderate reformers in Iran and Syria while risking, and even assisting, the ascendance of anti-Christian radicals in places like Egypt and Libya? In a shocking report, we find that the infamous Muslim Brotherhood has advocates in our government who have been instrumental in seeing that recent Christian persecutions in Egypt are ignored. 

I am reminded of Winston Churchill's remark, saying that he refused to remain impartial when it came to deciding between the firefighter and the fire. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is the granddaddy of the Islamist movement. It has a significant presence in a score of countries, around the world. While some want to focus only on the softer side of the MB, emphasizing its charity work and relative moderation, they ignore that the leadership of the group has been clear on its support for attacks on civilian populations, an end to Egypt's 30 year peace treaty with Israel, and the destruction of the Jewish state. Perhaps they are "relatively moderate," but compared to what? 

The evidence is abundant that Islamists, including those in the MB, are outspoken in their threats, not only to Israel, but to those in their countries who preach or profess the Christian Gospel, or convert from Islam. Sadly, those threats are backed up, many times, with violence. 

Everyone should be aware that the threat is no longer "over there." Here, in America, we are finding an increasing boldness to harass and intimidate Christians and their institutions. The most recent lunacy, for example, involves an incredible lawsuit against Catholic University of America. The complaint alleges that the human rights of Muslims at the college are being violated because the buildings are full of Catholic statues and symbols. (The Muslim students' rights to pray and practice their faith, on campus, are not at issue.) 

Essentially, this lawyer is demanding "Jesus-free" zones at "Catholic" University. Previously, to his shame, this embarrassment to the legal profession also sued the university, claiming that single-sex dormitories violated the students' human rights.  It all sounds laughably dismissive until one realizes the amount of time and money that are wasted in defending against these kinds of attacks.   

It is time for all Christians to stand their ground and speak out, but not violently or hatefully. We must defend our Christian principles with "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23. A great example of this Blessed effort can be found HERE.

UPDATE: In Nigeria, Christians are gunned down while eyes are closed in prayer.