September 16, 2011

x Another banking crisis? We were warned.

[4/19/14 UPDATE: Statement of Archdiocese of Dublin on Alleged Visionary "Maria Divine Mercy" declares: "... these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology."] 

"Satan is everywhere today -
in the Church, in the law, in medicine,
in science, in the press and in the arts.
But there is an area where he is 
for the greatest part running the show
and that is in the banks."
Deceased Austrian visionary, 
Maria Simma,
early 1990s

Here we go again. It appears that the global banking crisis of 2008 was just a warm up.

When I first read the above prophecy, I thought it sounded silly. At that time, I was focused on other global trends: drug addiction, abortion, pornography and human trafficking, violent crime, the decadent messages of Hollywood, and the anti-Christian themes in the popular culture, for examples. But central bankers and international investment bankers? Their schemes weren't even on my radar screen. After all, they dress nicely and have polite manners.
Fast forward to today, when The Guardian reports the following financial news:
On March 12, 1995, Ohio visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle warned of a series of four looming Chastisements:
  1. "...recognize the season of tribulation that is upon you. As in any season there are signs. Recognize the cataclysmic natural events as from God." 
  2. "In the next season of tribulation you will find money systems failing and collapsing. This will occur as a means of stripping people from the idol of money." 
  3. "The next season I reveal to you … is the apostasy, which will occur in the Church … and will take place mainly in the West." [The pedophile scandal?]
  4. "Then [comes] the season of the anti-Christ. He will be in the world and in hearts.” 
Though Sweeney-Kyle's bishop has objected to the fundraising side of her ministry and eventually decreed her alleged apparitions and locutions "not supernatural in origin," she continues to insist on the authenticity of the Christian messages she conveys. Significantly, she got the "money systems failing and collapsing" correct. Also, regarding the above four stages, she claims Blessed Mother said, "I reveal these things to you now, so that as these events unfold, you will recognize God’s hand in your midst. Just as in nature, these seasons will overlap one another. There will be no clear line of demarcation, but you will recognize them through Holy Love." [An unflattering critique of her ministry can be found at http://www.apparitionsites.com/apparition-sites/holy-love-ministries-maureen-sweeney-kyle.htm]

On July 8th, a purported visionary who goes by the name Maria Divine Mercy, wrote that Jesus Christ said, "Tell My children to wake up now and see the turmoil in the world where financial crises abound. Tell them that while people´s greed was partly responsible for plunging them into debt that the banking crisis was deliberately planned by the One World Order. 
Many reading this message will smile and question this fact but they should also know that unless they stand up and defend their rights they will be forced to accept the Mark of the Beast to access their money." The woman also claimed that our Lord warned, "My Father´s hand is ready to fall now with great force on those wicked arrogant leaders of banks, Western and Eastern powers who plan in secret how they aim to control all of you. My Eternal Father will destroy everything in their wake to prevent them from the final persecution they are planning against His children. He won´t stand for it. Remember children, God the Eternal Father wants to protect you all. His patience has finally run out. He will, up to the very last minute, accept those who turn to Him for forgiveness. However He now has to stop those evil regimes from the horror they inflict on the rest of His creation."

These, and other, warnings from those who claim to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother would be easy to dismiss ... if they just didn't seem to be coming true.