October 16, 2010

Soon... soon... soon...

This is my first day with a live blog site. Soon, I will be blogging about Christian miracles in modern times, many of which I have personally witnessed. For the moment, however,  my time is consumed by the obligations of bringing my new spiritual thriller to readers by November 16. For more information on UNTIL I RETURN: DAWN OF THE SHINING DARKNESS,  please see http://www.VeroHousePublishing.com/.

Also, Vero House has a few more books nearing release: Ruth Werkowski's lovingly faithful memoir, TRANSFORMED BY TROUBLE: FROM MISFORTUNE TO MIRACLES, and Father John J. Pasquini's convincing defense of Catholic beliefs, CATHOLIC ANSWERS TO PROTESTANT QUESTIONS. Finally, for now, I am looking forward to the eventual release of book 2 in the UNTIL I RETURN trilogy, DAY OF THE SHINING DARKNESS. Again, this work of Christian fiction will be based on prophecies of saints, and it is completely written... but only in my head.

I look forward to sharing with you some amazing stories and pictures!

Keep holy, happy and healthy!